About us

Hi, welcome to Hen party Wristbands.

Hen Parties and Bachelorette Parties are famous / infamous throughout the world. Every girl has one before her big day. It is a chance to let your hair down one last time, party out with your best friends and family, and have a proper Girls Night Out or Trip away to have some fun before the big day.

Hen Parties are notoriously full of tacky accessories and paraphernalia, such as t-shirts, sashes and pretty much anything blow up. We wanted to create a product that would allow girls to all be identified as a hen party but not necessarily mean they have to wear a huge sash which ruins their pretty dress or have a flashing L plate hanging around their head.

With our range of Hen Party wristbands we have made a beautiful and simple accessory that all ladies of all ages can wear on a hen party and not feel silly but in fact look very fashionable.

Originally we aimed this product at festival brides and hen parties who love music and music festivals, quickly we realised that many more types of girls wanted these wristbands for their hen parties. We decided to make variations of the wristbands for different types of events, such as girls going to a festival 'HENFEST' girls on a night out 'GIRLS NIGHT OUT' girls going on holidays or a trip 'GIRLS ON TOUR' american ladies 'BACHELORETTE PARTY', then other variations such as 'TEAM BRIDE', 'BRIDE TRIBE' and many more are in production. There also is a special wristband for the special lady stating 'BRIDE TO BE'. We haven't forgot the guys either and have 'STAG PARTY' wristbands especially for them.

It is clear to us that girls want a hen party accessory that is small, great looking, easily identifiable and a great keep sake from the party and the hen party wristband is that accessory.

You can see our current collection of wristbands and accessories in our collection section and we are currently developing many more variations which we will be launching as we go so keep checking back!

Have a Happy Hen Do!!!