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Bar Mitzvah Party Festival Wristbands

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Bar Mitzvah Celebration Festival Themed Party Wristbands

If you are planning to throw an awesome festival themed Bar Mitzvah party you will need some awesome bar mitzvah party favours and we have got you covered with these beautiful Festival Themed Bar Mitzvah Party Wristbands.

These awesome Bar Mitzvah Wristbands are the perfect accessory for your festival style Bar Mitzvah Party celebrations. These fabric wristbands are exactly like the ones you would get at any major music festival and are perfect keepsake for all your guests once the celebrations are over.

They look beautiful and the colours are vibrant and scream festival fun!

The wristbands feature the text BAR MITZVAH over the main part of the wristband in white text against a gorgeous multi coloured background. On the tails the text reads VIP GUEST on one side and LET'S CELEBRATE on the other side.

The wristbands are all one size but they can be adjusted to any size wrist with the fastening ring. They are easy to put on and take off, no cutting etc. required if they need removed.

The price is per x 1 wristband, just order as many as you need and give your BaR Mitzvah festival party guests a party favour they will hold on to forever. 

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