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HOMEFEST ® (BUNDLE) Festival Lockdown Party Accessories (GLASTHOMEBURY)

Regular price £3.50 £0.00

HOMEFEST Festival Lockdown Party Accessories Bundle - GLASTHOMEBURY

This HOMEFEST bundle combines the HOMEFEST Wristband (£1.50) and Birthdayfest VIP Pass Lanyards (£2.50) for a combined lower price of £3.50

1 x HOMEFEST VIP Pass lanyards

1 x HOMEFEST Festival Party Wristband

Check out these awesome generic Festival themed HOME FEST VIP Pass Lanyards and HOMEFEST Festival Lockdown Party Wristbands. These are perfect if you are planning a festival themed party but don't want to invest in custom made festival lanyards and wristbands for your guests. These are the perfect alternative as they are totally generic so would suit any party anywhere.

These wristbands and lanyards are the perfect party accessories for your guests to make them feel like they are at a real festival and a party to remember!

The price is for 1 x Bundle. You will need to order as many as you need for the size of your party.




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