Hag Do Accessories / Hag Fest wristbands for joint Hen & Stag Parties

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Hagfest / Hag Party / Sten Do Wristband Accessories

Are you and your other half planning a joint Hen and Stag do before your wedding? Or if you are just looking for another excuse to throw a party and get all your friends in the one place for a pre wedding social, then a Hag Party is the way to go. Otherwise known as Hag Do’s / Hag Parties / Sten do’s and Sten Parties,  these joint parties have become super popular with couples getting married and these Hagfest wristbands are the perfect accessory for your Hag Do.

Hag Do wristbands / Hag Fest wristbands

Whichever name you decide for your party, these super colourful and gorgeous wristbands are sure to impress both male and female guests. These wristbands are perfect accessory for this type of event as they can be worn by both males and females. The colours of the wristbands feature a mix of blues, purple, and pinks with white text. The main text on the wristband reads HAGFEST, then on the tails of the wristbands they read HAG PARTY and STEN DO and features little male and female symbols in the design.

Hag Fest Sten Do Joint Hen Party & Stag do wristbands

At Hen Party Wristbands we pride ourselves in responding to the latest trends in all things Wedding (and in general too, as we are a pretty cool bunch ;-) ). We were asked to create something to suit this type of occasion and came up with this unique and awesome wristband design.

Hag Do wristband accessories


This is the ideal accessory for your joint pre-wedding party without the additional expense of a custom made design. So get planning your Hag Do now and make sure you have these awesome wristbands for your guests. :-) 

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