Stag Party Team Groom Wristbands

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Stag Party Team Groom Wristbands

We have some exciting new additions to our Stag Party Collection. We have now created a Best Man and Groomsman wristband. They blend perfectly with the pre-existing wristbands and they complete the bridal party accessories (we now have Maid of Honour wristbands too!).   


When attending a Stag Party it can be difficult to know who everyone is, especially if you don’t know many of the people before attending. Our Groomsman wristband ensures that you will be able to pick out who is part of the Bridal party through this awesome stag party accessory.



groomsman team groom stag bridal party wristband

‘Groomsman is written across the middle of the wristband in silver writing against a vibrant background of blue, navy and green. On the wristband tails the text ‘Team Groom’ features on one side with ‘VIP’ on the other.

groomsman stag party wristband

These wristbands are the same design and colour scheme as our ‘The Groom’ and ‘Best Man’ wristbands and so it will match perfectly if you are buying this range of Stag Party Wristbands.

groomsman best man team groom stag party wristband

The Groomsmen are also the guys who usually help organise the Stag Party so it’s useful to know who they are if you have any questions. The wristbands help identity them but are also more subtle that printed t-shirts or hoody’s. 

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Best Man Stag Party Wristband - Best Man Wedding Day Bridal Party Wristband - Team Groom - Bachelor Party - Stag do Party Favours

The Best Man is one of the most important people in the Bridal party, he’s tasked with carrying the rings, writing an awesome speech, organising the Stag Do and making sure the Groom gets to the wedding in one piece!  We thought we would design a wristband just for the Best Man so you can easily identify the most special person to the Groom (aside from the Bride!).

best man stag party bridal party wristband

The text ‘Best Man’ is written across the centre in silver writing with the wristband tails as ‘Team Groom’ on one side and ‘ VIP’ on the other.

best man stag party wristbands

This wristband blends perfectly with the blue colour schemes of our exist Stag Party and Team Groom collections. They complete the set and look awesome together with the ‘The Groom’ and ‘Groomsman’ wristband.  


If you are organising a Stag Party and want to mark out the Bridal Party then this wristband is perfect, especially for big groups where a lot of the guys haven’t mixed before.  It’s a good conversation starter and icebreaker.

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The Groom Wedding / Stag Party Wristband Favour - Stag Do Party wristband - Stag Party Wristband - stag accessories

Last but not least, we have an awesome festival wristband for The Groom. We have based our new designs of Groomsman and Best Man around the design and colour scheme of this original wristband.

Whether you are looking for bridal party accessories or stag party favours, this wristband is an awesome addition. There are so many different stag party accessories on the market and we wanted to create something different that grooms to be would actually be happy to receive (as opposed to some unfortunate outfit they have to wear all day!).

stag party wristbands groom best man groomsman

The silver text ‘The Groom’ is set against a background of blue and navy with ‘The Groom’ also written on the wristband tails on both sides. It is fastened with a silver lock which can be adjusted easily.

Ofcourse if you are buying stag party favours for the whole group it is a good idea to buy this for the Groom (even though we hope everyone attending at least knows the Groom!)

It looks amazing alongside the matching Best Man and Groomsman wristbands but it also looks awesome paired with The Bride Wristband. You can buy these as a duo or seperately depending on your couple e.g. can opt for two Brides or two Grooms. 

the groom and the bride hen stag wedding wristband favours

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 Team Groom Stag Party Wristbands ~ Stag Do Wristband favours ~ accessories ~ Stags bachelor party

If you are looking for a generic stag party festival wristband for the rest of the guys on the stag do then the Team Groom wristbands are perfect.

team groom stag party stag do wristbands

The text ‘Team Groom’ is written in white and outlined in navy against a blue, navy, red and orange vibrant background. The wristband tails have ‘Team Groom’ written on one side and ‘Stag Party’ on the other and fitted with our usual silver lock to fasten the wristband.

best man groomsman team groom stag party wristband

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