70FEST: Celebrating Your 70th Birthday in Style with Festival Wristbands and Lanyards

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Introducing the 70FEST Birthdayfest Collection

Reaching the age of 70 is a momentous milestone, and it's a reason to celebrate in style. If you're planning a 70th birthday party with a festival theme, we have just the accessories to make it unforgettable – 70FEST Wristbands and Lanyards.

70FEST Wristbands: The Festival Vibe

70fest festival themed 70th Birthday wristband

Your 70th birthday party should be as unique as you are, and that's where the 70FEST wristbands come into play. These festival-themed wristbands are designed to add a touch of excitement and flair to your celebration, without the need for custom-made bands.

70fest festival themed 70th birthday wristbands stacked on top of each other

The 70FEST wristbands are versatile and generic, making them suitable for any 70th birthday party, regardless of when or where it's happening. Their lively colour scheme,features shades of orange, gold, burgundy, purple, red, yellow, and sparkly blue, bringing that festival vibe to your event. With "70FEST" proudly displayed on the main part of the wristband and "PARTY PEOPLE" and "VIP GUEST" on the tails, these wristbands set the tone for a fun and inclusive celebration.

70fest festival 70th birthday wristband displayed on wrist

70FEST Lanyards: Carry the Celebration

To complement the wristbands and further enhance the festival atmosphere of your 70th birthday party, we offer 70FEST Birthday Party Lanyards. These lanyards are the perfect way to carry the spirit of the celebration with you, and they make great additions to your event's overall aesthetics.

The 70FEST Birthday Party lanyards come with the same lively colour scheme as the wristbands, creating a seamless and visually appealing experience for your guests. These lanyards are a practical addition to your party – use them to hold badges, keys, or anything else you need close at hand. It's a great way to ensure that everyone at your celebration can conveniently carry the festival spirit with them.

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free

We understand that not every party requires extensive customisations or large quantities of accessories. That's why our 70FEST wristbands and lanyards are offered on a per-piece basis, allowing you to order exactly as many as you need. It's a cost-effective and hassle-free solution, ensuring you have the perfect amount for your guests without any waste.


Order Today for an Unforgettable Celebration

Your 70th birthday deserves to be a celebration that stands out, and 70FEST Wristbands and Lanyards are here to make that happen. Whether you're dancing to your favourite tunes, reminiscing with loved ones, or simply enjoying the festivities, these accessories will be the perfect addition to your special day.

So, go ahead and order your 70FEST wristbands and lanyards today. Celebrate 70 years in style, with the festival spirit guiding the way. Your 70th birthday party is an occasion to remember, and with 70FEST it's sure to be a day filled with joy, laughter, and cherished memories. Cheers to 70 years!

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