Leavers Wristbands Favours - School Leavers Party Favours

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After a long year of class, it is a lovely tradition to throw an end of year party for the pupils in their last year of school. 

We have created an awesome festival wristband just for the occasion! Check out our Leavers wristbands:

leavers wristbands school leavers

The text reads ‘LEAVERS’ across the middle and ‘VIP’ on the wristband tails. They also have a gorgeously vibrant colour scheme of red, yellow and orange. Finally, they are fitted with a silver lock which can be adjusted easily to fit on every wrist.


They are the ideal party favour for your leavers party bags and the pupils are sure to love them! 

school leavers wristbands

The cost is per wristband so just order as many as you need whether you are having a small gathering or the entire year is in attendance!

If you want to complete the Leavers festival theme, check out our awesome Leaversfest Lanyards

Click here to purchase our awesome Leavers wristbands...

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