Harry Potter Themed Hen Party & Bachelorette Party Wristbands

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Harry Potter Themed Hen Party & Bachelorette Party Wristbands

We are super excited to launch yet another awesome new hen party wristbands collection. For those of you that love nothing else than to dress up as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Dumbledore or any of the rest of your favourite characters, keep reading…

harry potter hen do party wristbands

The children that first read all the Harry Potter books and eagerly waited on the films to be released (or for their Hogwarts letter to arrive) are now getting married! Harry Potter themed hen parties are super popular at the minute. We thought we would get our sorting hat on and think about what magic we could conjure up to create a harry potter hen party wristband that would match the theme. Gryffindor colours sprung to mind (the house of Harry Potter himself) and they have turned out.... well just magical looking! 

harry potter hen party wristband favours

We have 4 versions of the Harry Potter Hen Party Wristbands to choose from. First up we have our 'Hen Party' wristband for all your hens, with the words 'Hen Party' displayed across the centre of the wristbands against a grey background with the iconic lightning bolt shape of Harry Potter’s scar featured. The design also features the iconic Harry Potter rounded spectacles and on the tails with the words 'Brides Witches' on one side and 'Hogwarts Hotties' on the other side against a red and yellow potter style background.

harry potter hen party wristbands brides witches hogwarts hotties

As with all our hen party wristbands, we of course have had to make a special wristband for the Bride to Be, and we think all you bride to be's out there would be delighted to wave your wands with this beautiful wristband on your wrist.

muggle to mrs hen party wristband harry potter

The pattern is the same with the Bride to Be text displayed across the centre of the wristband and the tails have the text 'Muggle to Mrs' on one side and 'Hen Party' on the other.

bride to be harry potter hen do party wristband

Nor forgetting the second in command we also have conjured up some awesome Harry Potter Bridesmaids wristbands for all your deputy witches to wear.

harry potter bridesmaid hen party wristband

The word Bridesmaid is displayed across the centre with the same colour scheme and design as the others.

hogwarts hotties harry potter bridesmaid wristband hen party

All the wristbands come fitted with a gold adjustable lock which means they can be fitted to any wrist and taken on and off quicker than you can say expelliarmus!!

harry potter hen do party accessories favours

For all our American Harry Potter Fans and those who of you who prefer the term 'Bachelorette Party' to describe their pre marital bash, we have one for you too:

harry potter bachelorette party wristband favors

The text Bachelorette Party is displayed across the centre with the same colour scheme and design as the other options.

harry potter bachelorette party wristbands

If you are a Gryffindor through and through these wristbands are definitely for you. Even if you are a Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw our wristbands are simply charming and alternative enough for the Quibbler magazine!

harry potter hen do party ideas

So if you are hosting a Harry Potter themed hen party, grab your robe, stow your wand, pack your butterbeer and accio our awesome wristbands! All that’s left is to disapparate to your hen party location and have a magical time.

To see more of these harry potter hen party wristbands and to buy them please click here...

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