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Stag Party Wristbands Accessories

Many of you may have already noticed that have began to expand our wristband collection to cater for stag parties as well as hen parties. These stag party wristbands are the perfect way to set your stag party apart. If you want to have a stag party accessory for all the guys without looking out for the matching t-shirts, these wristbands could be perfect for your stags. 
We currently have two different styles available. 

Lads on Tour Stag Party Wristbands

lads on tour stag party accessories
This classic colour scheme of red, black and grey is perfect for an understated theme, but is sure to impress your stags. If you are organising a weekend away with the lads these wristbands are the ideal accessory for each member of the group, adding that VIP feel to your trip with a festival twist.
stag party accessories wristbands
The wristbands featured the main text as LADS ON TOUR then on the two tails it states the text STAG PARTY and GET THE DRINKS IN! just to remind those boys that always seem to forget it is their round!! :-)
stag do accessories lads on tour wristbands
Like we said these are perfect for Stags on Tour but even if you are just going down the road you are still technically LADS ON TOUR so stop reading about it and get the drinks in!!
stag party wristband accessories

Stag Fest Stag Party Wristbands

If Lads on Tour isn't exactly representing you and your crew then maybe these STAGFEST wristbands will. If you are looking for stag party accessories that set your stag party apart from the rest then get buying these StagFest wristbands now!
stagfest stag party accessories
They are ideal for adding that festival vibe to your stag party, and even more so if you and the boys are off to a music festival for the weekend. These wristbands are extra cool looking in a navy and blue colour scheme with hints of red and white throughout. 
stag fest stag do accessories
The wristbands feature the text STAGFEST as the main part of the wristband with STAG PARTY on either side of the tails. 
stag fest stag do accessories - wristbands for lads
festival style wristbands for stag do
If you are looking for a non tacky stag party accessory for your guys then these wristbands are just that. 
You can buy the LADS ON TOUR version by clicking here...
or buy the STAG FEST version by clicking here...

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