The 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl List Lanyards

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The 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl VIP Lanyards

It's that time of year again when the plans for Christmas are starting to form and the hunt for presents begins (that’s just us, some people are finished already *sweats*). Santa’s lists are being checked once and checked twice. Thirsty adults all over the world are sending messages to friends to comparing calendars to get their Christmas meet ups / booze ups organised!

the 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl list lanyards

There of course is one very special social event to organise that everyone looks forward to the most and that is The 12 Pubs of Christmas.

the 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl list vip lanyards

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl always makes for a great story as everyone is in the festive spirit and ready to party!! When else is it acceptable to dance to Mariah Carey at 6pm in the evening with fake snow and then move on to a bustling pub blasting Cliff Richard?? It can be the making of friendships and the start of romances as everyone has to get involved with the rules of each bar and it's always where people come together all to the soundtrack of Shakin' Stevens.

the 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl dublin

On this wonderful night of the year you might find out that Dave from the office who doesn't speak a word during the week is actually great at Karaoke when he has a few drinks, or that Carol who you thought was a bit odd is actually hilarious outside of the office. It is a fab way to bring everyone together and we look forward to it every year, not so much the hangover the next day though...

the 12 pubs of christmas pub crawl vip lanyards

Of course the main thing that needs worked out before you set of on your 12 Pubs Adventure is exactly what Pubs you are going to visit. If you have the luck of the Irish and live in Ireland like we do, we are lucky to be blessed with at least 30 pubs per square mile, picking 12 pubs to visit is an easy task, however different towns may involve a bit more thought and a bit of pre planning...

christmas party favours

We have been thinking about how we could make the 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl process super easy to organise. What normally happens is someone texts round the list of pubs on the Whatsapp group or by email, then on the day of the pub crawl you take a screenshot of the list and try to stick to the route or at least remember it...

office christmas party favours accessories fun ideas

However when you are going from bar to bar (and as the drink number goes up) it can be harder to keep track of where you should be. Sometimes one bar is just too much fun for just one drink or if your phone dies on pub number 6 and you settle in for the night thinking to yourself 'I wish there was an easy way to keep track of where everyone is or should be'.

christmas party drinking games ideas and fun

Christmas Party Favours

Well...we have the solution! Introducing the ultimate Christmas Party Accessory our 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl List Lanyards.

The fantastically festive themed lanyards feature a blank list on the back numbered 1-12 where the pubs can be easily noted down before you leave, then simply pop your lanyard around your neck, write your name on the front (incase you forget who you are) and dance the night away with no worries!

christmas drinking game 12 pubs challenge

The cards feature a very festive Christmas baubles and mistletoe design in festive red and green colours and are complimented by gorgeous christmassy neck lanyards also red and green with Christmas lettering throughout.

christmas office work party lanyards vip pass

The front of the card states THE 12 PUBS CHRISTMAS PUB CRAWL with a space below for your name or group name to be written.

12 pubs of christmas office work party ideas

The back of the card then features the 12 spaces for your pubs of choice to be noted down. These are perfect for an icebreaker event or just for making sure everyone is present before you set off!

christmas party vip lanyards

Here at we have done a few tests or 'Dry Runs' (which were not dry by any stretch of the imagination) with these 12 Pubs of Christmas Lanyards just to make sure they work in a group and the results were good! Everyone managed to at least know where they should be even if they didn't make it the whole way to the end... :-) 

12 pubs of christmas manchester

These lanyards are perfect for both small groups and large groups and work brilliantly for office work parties and groups of friends alike. As if that was not enough we also have matching THE 12 PUBS CHRISTMAS WRISTBANDS!!

12 pubs of christmas

the 12 pubs of christmas dublin pub crawl route

So what are you waiting for? Christmas is getting close by the day!!! These lanyards are the perfect Christmas Party Favour for your night out so get your 12 pubs of Christmas pub crawl organised the easy way and click here to buy the lanyards now


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