Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you aren’t prepared then here is some valentine’s day ideas we have for all you last minute romantics:

Get a Valentines Card

Get our All Occasion’s card, or even better keep a stock of them. That way you will never be caught without a card whatever the occasion. Birthdays, Easter, Good Luck, we have you covered. We can do next day delivery so get on it!

Go to the Movies

The classic cinema date is a good one. I find we don’t go to the cinema as much now that we have Amazon Prime and Netflix. It’s no bad thing though as a trip to the cinema still seems like a novelty and a treat. Why not go for dinner first and catch a pre-theatre menu and then pop into a pub after for a post-mortem of the film over a pint/cocktail?

Go to the Theatre

We also love a trip to our local theatre, grab a glass of wine beforehand or a quick bite and lose yourself in a few hours of dramaaaa. Love it. 

A Romantic Trip Away

If you are only planning Valentine’s now then it might be a wee bit too late to book anything international but you would be surprised at the deals you can get even a few days before the actual event. Have a look on and air bnb, even if it’s only to a town one hour away, it’s the change of scenery that can be healthy for the both of you just to get away from work and unwind.
valentines day ideas

Beauty Vouchers

Girls LOVE getting beauty vouchers, there is no better feeling than getting beautified for free!

Go to a Concert or Gig

Check out your local venues for what’s on, if you are both lover’s of live muic sometimes even going to a band you haven’t heard of can be a cool date night and then by the time the summer festival headliners come out you will already be in the know. 
valentines day ideas

Buy Flowers

Check first if your other half likes flowers but I personally love getting flowers - again it’s a novelty and they just brighten up your house.

valentines day chocolates and flowers

Buy Chocolates

Again, you aren’t gonna buy yourself a megabox of fancy chocolates are you?? Flowers and chocolates may be cliche but they are also a winner. 

To be honest, Valentines shouldn’t be another Christmas which is definitely the way some treat it. It should be a day to appreciate your significant other and spend quality time together so don’t sweat it. 

If you are a single pringle and hate Valentine’s day but read all these suggestions anyway, why not do Galentine’s Day or get all your friends together for a day out away from all the soppy Instas and basically the one day a year you feel bad about being single..

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