21Fest - 21st Birthday Festival Wristbands

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21st Birthday Festival Style Wristbands

Is your 21st birthday coming up and you want something unique to make it extra special? We know it’s a pretty big deal! What could make it amazing? Our 21FEST wristbands of course….

21FEST 21st birthday party wristbands

At 21 you can do a lot of stuff legally, drink in America, buy a house, own a credit card….but now you can also buy these awesome 21FEST Wristbands! Yay!

21st birthday party wristband favours

21FEST is displayed in white writing against a purple background with criss cross stripes in pink, red, green, blue, yellow and gold.

21FEST 21st birthday party wristband favours accessories

These 21st Birthday Party Wristbands suit a party for a male or female as they are totally generic and we just love the vibrant colours on this wristband.

21st birthday party favours

We know planning the 21st Birthday Party celebrations can be a stressful time trying to coordinate family and friends. Why not tick that ‘buy awesome 21st birthday party accessories’ item off your list and get our wristbands?

21st birthday party wristband accessories

If you are planning a 21st birthday party for someone else this is definitely going to be the best present you can give them! (unless maybe a trip to Ibiza or something but you know..up there!)

Click here to to buy the wristbands now and get that party off to an awesome start...

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