The 12 Pubs of Christmas Party Pub Crawl Wristbands

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The 12 Pubs of Christmas Party Pub Crawl Wristbands

Christmas can be a busy time of year in the social calendar. In recent years, the 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl is a popular event for families, friends and colleagues to start off the festive season! It’s the perfect way to meet up with family and friends whilst getting that much needed drink after the run up to Christmas in work.

the 12 pubs christmas party pub crawl wristbands

So we decided to celebrate this great tradition to launch an accessory for everyone taking part in this fun and 'memorable' event... introducing our THE 12 PUBS Christmas Party Wristbands.

the 12 pubs christmas party pub crawl wristbands favours

Nothing says The 12 PUBS like a festive festival wristband that says THE 12 PUBS!! Check em out…

the 12 pubs christmas party wristbands

These festive wristbands look totally awesome and are perfect to get everyone in the mood for Christmas!! Who needs tinsel or light up Christmas jumpers anyway?? Ok, we admit we like them too, but your outfit will only be complete with our awesome wristbands.

the 12 pubs christmas party wristband accessories

The wristband has the text THE 12 PUBS across the main part of the wristband in white silver and gold and CHRISTMAS PARTY on the tails. As usual, they come with an adjustable gold lock so the wristbands can be adjusted for any wrist size.

the 12 pubs christmas party pub crawl wristband accessories

So if you are preparing for Christmas and already have the Christmas jumper at the ready, the tinsel is ordered, social events are organised, and you have sent out the message on the whatsapp group about The 12 PUBS ... then now its time to order your THE 12 PUBS wristbands! We know that Christmas can be a hectic time with lots to organise - why not tick this off your list?

Click here to submit an order for THE 12 PUBS Christmas Party Wristbands with our elves..

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