30FEST 30th Birthday Party Balloons

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As our party collections have grown, we have added another product type to our list. It’s not a birthday party without some balloons!  We decided to create our own festival themed balloons to match the already awesome party favours of the lanyard and wristband. We started with 30Fest (an already popular landmark age this year) and then 40fest and 50fest.  We stock each age in the colours of Pink, Rose Gold and Blue.  

30FEST 30th Birthday Party Balloons - 30th Birthday Party Decorations

If you are planning a 30FEST festival themed 30th birthday party, look no further than our 30FEST Party Balloons. They are 16” in height and come in three colours, Pink, Rose Gold and Blue.


Above: 30FEST Balloons in Pink



Above: 30FEST Balloons in Rose Gold


Above: 30FEST Balloons in Blue

They come with a string to hang each number/letter and a straw to inflate the balloons easily.  They will really make your 30th Birthday Party decorations stand out. Make sure to lay all the balloons out first to make sure you get them in the right order (that seems obvious but it will make your life easier I promise!)

30FEST 30th Birthday Balloons Pink
30FEST 30th birthday balloons blue

If you are planning a 30th Birthday Party, add in these balloons as a simple way to jazz up your party decorations. They are different from the run of the mill balloons and can easily be packed in and put up at your party venue. 

30FEST 30th Pink Birthday Balloons
30FEST Rosegold Birthday Party Balloons
30FEST Blue 30th Birthday Party Balloons
30FEST 30thbirthday balloons

Turning 30 is a big deal so why not make a fuss for your birthday boy and girl and add in our 30FEST wristband and 30FEST lanyards to match and complete your 30th Birthday festival themed party decor.

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