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Festival Themed Baby Shower Wristbands

Here at we cater for festival loving couples throughout the whole wedding planning process. From the wristbands for their hen and stag parties, to their wedding day favour wristbands, and after all is said and done, we have got you covered for your baby showers also when two become three, or four or five....

baby shower accessories wristbands

We noticed that the mainly American tradition of throwing a Baby Shower or Gender reveal Party is now becoming more common in the UK and Ireland and we decided to cater for this too, so we have designed and made these gorgeous Baby Shower Wristbands.

baby shower wristbands

These wristbands are a fun and gorgeous addition to your Baby Shower and we are so excited to show them off!! The text on the main part of the wristband reads Baby Shower and it has VIP Guest on the tails, complimented with little cute baby footprints. :-)

baby shower wristband accessories favours

Because not all baby showers are going to reveal the babies identity we kept the colour scheme quite neutral with a teal green colour and baby blue and baby pink to represent both sexes. And even if you do know if the baby is a boy or a girl these wristbands are neutral enough to work perfectly for any baby shower.

baby shower festival themed wristbands

For all you couples or families that have been hitting up Glastonbury or Reading festival for the past 10 years and might have to miss out this year due to your family expansion :-) Why not just bring the festival home and have an awesome festival themed baby shower complete with these awesome festival baby shower wristbands.

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And of course we are all about choice so if you fancy something a little more festival based check out these super cool BABYCHELLA Baby Shower Wristbands...

BABYCHELLA baby shower wristbands

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