Coronavirus Covid Themed Birthday Cards

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Themed Birthday Cards

Well what a year eh! It has been one to remember, I mean forget!! Anyway its been interesting to say the least! Of course we are all about the Party here at Hen Party Wristbands and since there is nothing else to do but roll with the times we have launched a new set of themed birthday cards to hopefully bring a smile to the face of any one unfortunate enough (us included) to be celebrating their birthday during this horrendous pandemic, and also having to celebrate their birthdays in lockdown with less than 6 people or even worse quarantine!!!

Arrrgghhh this needs to end!! :-/

Anyway onto our new range of Coronavirus themed Birthday Cards.... cos we though we would be saying that 7/8 months ago (facepalm)

Coronavirus Covid Lockdown Birthday Card

First up in this new range is this brilliant Coronavirus Birthday Card which is generic for all birthdays and any age group...

Click here to see these Coronavirus Birthday Cards

Coronavirus Covid Lockdown 30th Birthday Cards

For those hitting the big 3-0 during this lovely time of life we have this hilarious covid corona virus themed 30th birthday card range... one in blue for the boys and one in pink for the girls...

Coronavirus Covid Lockdown 40th Birthday Cards

If you are 'lucky' enough to be celebrating your 40th birthday during lockdown then expect to get this brilliant covid coronavirus themed 40th birthday card through the letterbox from your loved ones... again in 2 variations for males and females of the species because although coronavirus does not attack people eating substantial meals costing more than £9 it does not care whether you are guy or a gal!!

So there is a few little covid themed birthday cards to hopefully put a smile on someones face if they are having a birthday right about now...

You can see these coronavirus themed birthday cards by clicking here and also check out our full range of greeting cards by clicking here...

Happy Birthday to all and FUCK CORONA VIRUS!!!!

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