Fifty Fest 50th Birthday Party Wristband Favours

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Fifty Fest 50th Birthday Party Wristband Favours

Turning 50 is a major milestone in life and for major milestones we believe in throwing major parties!!! And turning 50 is a major reason to throw a major party and we have the perfect party favour for your guests!! We are pleased to introduce our fabulous festival style FIFTY FEST 50th Birthday Party Wristbands.

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We are very aware that it isn’t just our generation that love going to gigs and festivals, nor did we make it cool or invent rock n roll. If you turn 50 this year we know that your generation was super cool. Growing up through the 70s and 80s you had lots of amazing bands without whom the bands we like today would not exist.

50 fifty fest festival birthday part -wristbands

For example, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, U2, Nirvana, Queen, Madonna, The Smiths, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, R.E.M. The Pixies, Joy Division, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen to to name an amazing few. All these bands went onto influence many of todays bands and festival headliners.

50th birthday festival party wristbands

If you have been going to gigs and festivals all throughout your 50 years you have no doubt seen the landscape of festivals change dramatically over the years, where as we can only dream of how cool it was back then before mobile phones and Z list celebrities. Either way if gigs and festivals is your thing you have no doubt gather up quite a few festival wristbands over the years. Hence these 50th birthday party wristbands are perfect for those who love nothing more than the opportunity to see their favourite band and attend music festivals and want to bring the festival vibe to their birthday celebrations!

50th birthday party favours favors

The 50th birthday party wristbands have the text ‘FIFTYFEST’ displayed in white and silver writing against a multi coloured festival style background.

50th birthday party wristband favours

The wristband tails have the text ‘50th birthday’ on one side with ‘Party People - VIP Guest’ stacked on the other.  They come with an adjustable lock which can be easily adjusted to suit any size wrist, and take off and on with ease.

50th festival party birthdayfest wristbands


So if you are planning an awesome celebration to celebrate your 50th birthday these festival themed FIFTY FEST wristbands are sure to be a talking point among your guests and a great keepsake once the party finally stops a few days later!!

For more information on these 50th birthday party festival wristbands and to buy them please click here...

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