Stag Party Wristbands - Team Groom Accessories

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Stag Party Wristbands - Team Groom Accessories

At Hen Party Wristbands we are trying to provide wristbands for every type of occasion. We are now in the process of providing more variety for hens and stags - thoughtful, we know! :-)

Yes this website is titled Hen Party Wristbands but our designs are always evolving and we can't forget about the boys either so we have expanded our stag party wristbands range.

stag party stag do festival wristbands

Previously, we have brought you our Stag Fest and Lads on Tour wristband ranges and we are delighted to tell you that we have more designs in store! Introducing our brand spanking new Stag Party Wristbands....

Stag Party Wristbands

These awesome STAG PARTY wristbands are the new hottest new stag party accessory the market! They are an essential for festival stag do's or even Stags who just want an understated stag party accessory without going over the top. Even if you have the t-shirt, have you got the wristband?? Fear no more...

stag do team groom accessories wristbands

The main text on the wristbands is ‘STAG PARTY’ with ‘TEAM GROOM’ and ‘STAG PARTY’ on the tails. They are super colourful and look awesome, complete with a silver adjustable lock to adjust them to any size of wrist.

They are super handy and small in size so wont take up any room in the suitcase for a trip abroad, but sure you will be wearing them in the airport anyway! They are sure to impress your stags and they will definitely be a talking point of the stag.

We know that we find it hard to take off that wristband at the end of the festival, the hangover is strong and the sadness has set in that it’s all over… With these adjustable wristbands, your stags can wear them again, or just keep them on forever. These stag party wristbands are the ideal Stag Do accessory. 

Heineken don’t do Stag Parties but if they did...

Click here to kick off your Stag Party with our festival wristbands

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