Festival Wedding Wristband Favours

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Festival Wedding Wristbands - The Perfect Wedding Favour for your Festival Wedding!

We have a number of festival wristbands designed specifically for Brides & Grooms who want to bring the festival theme to their wedding but don’t have a guest list large enough to justify the expense of getting customised wristbands made. As there is a minimum order number to get custom wristbands made up these generic wedding wristbands are perfect for couples with smaller weddings or even those who want wedding wristbands but at a lower cost.

These festival wristband favours are a brilliant way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. The wristbands can be sent before the wedding with your invite, or given out to guests on the day as they arrive, similar to entering a music festival. They are sure to be one of the highlights before, during and after the event, and will be treasured by your guests as a great reminder of your wedding day.

Wedfest Wedding Wristbands

We designed these initial Wedfest wedding wristbands a while back and they have been a best seller ever since. We have sold these Wedfest wristbands to couples throwing festival weddings all over the world.

We have since added new styles to our wedding collection as you will see below but this original classic is still our most popular.

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Wedstock Wedding Wristbands

The next set of wedding wristband favours is our WEDSTOCK wristbands. With a different colour scheme they are super colourful and eye-catching, absolutely perfect for any wedstock festival wedding, or any wedstock event.

The design features the text ‘WEDSTOCK’ in a bold white font against a vibrant background of orange, pink, green and shades of pink. The tails of the wristbands feature the text ‘EAT, DRINK & DANCE’ and ‘VIP THANKS FOR COMING’.

These wristbands are perfect for giving to your wedding guests at your festival wedding and will certainly make them feel like they are part of a very special day.

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Our Wedding Day Wristband Favours

The newest addition to the collection is these beautiful OUR WEDDING DAY wristbands. We wanted to keep our vibrant festival colours but with a more general term as wedfest and wedstock does not suit everyones wedding.

The wristbands feature the ‘OUR WEDDING DAY’ text in a bold white font set against beautiful boho background colours of pink, green, purple and green.

These wristbands are perfect for couples who want to add have a slight festival theme to their wedding in the form of wristbands without having to WEDFEST tagline attached. They also serve as an awesome keepsake for your guests to remember your fabulous festival wedding.

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