Team Bride Hen Party VIP Pass Lanyards

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Team Bride Hen Party Lanyards

No festival is complete without a festival lanyard to mark the occasion and take home as a memento from the weekend. We have lots of awesome festival style lanyards on offer for all your festival hen party needs, and on this blog we are taking a look at our Team Bride Hen Party Lanyards collection.


Black and Gold Team Bride Hen Party Lanyards

First up is our original black and gold themed Team Bride Hen Party Lanyards. These lanyards are perfect to match your bride squad attire as they look awesome with any colour of outfits or swimwear if you are lucky enough to be having your hen weekend in a sunny location.

team bride hen party lanyards

The neck lanyard cards feature a gorgeous black and gold design with the word TEAM BRIDE at the top and VIP at the bottom with a space in the middle for the names of all the hen party ladies to be added in. The neck lanyard itself also follows the same colour scheme and design.

team bride hen party lanyard accessories

They are super luxurious and excellent quality and will make any hen party stand out from the crowd. In case you need some convincing just check out the beautiful photos.

team bride hen party lanyard accessory favours

Of course we have gorgeous team bride hen party wristbands to match.

black gold team bride hen party lanyard favours

Rose Gold Team Bride Hen Party Lanyards

Rose Gold everything is so in fashion at the moment and one of our most popular hen party wristbands is our Hen Party Rose Gold wristband so we thought we would design a Rose Gold Hen Party Lanyard to match it.

rose gold team bride hen party vip pass lanyard favours

These lanyards feature the same design as the back and gold ones but this time we have a soft pink and multi coloured background and then have the main TEAM BRIDE and VIP text in Rose Gold Foil print which is absolutely beautiful.

As it is foil printed the foil reflects light and gives a different look depending on how the light is hitting the lanyard cards. These hen party lanyards are possibly the most gorgeous one we offer and as you can see in the photos they look stunningly beautiful and perfect for any girls wanting a rose gold hen party theme.

rose gold team bride hen party vip pass lanyards favours

The neck lanyard itself continues the background design from the cards and has a beautiful bright and fun design.

rose gold team bride hen party vip pass lanyards

Of course having the cards printed in the rose gold foil (which gives it that extra shimmer) makes these lanyards perfect for that all important hen party boomerang.

rose gold team bride hen party vip lanyard favours

These lanyards are the ideal accessory to complete your festival outfit and with such a unique and beautiful design and finish, your hens will love it! Of course we also have a gorgeous range of wristbands to match this rose gold theme.

rose gold team bride hen party accessories

The Bride Hen Party Lanyard

With all these glorious hen party lanyards on offer for the hen's we couldn’t leave out the main lady, the VIP of the VIP's of the group! That is of course The Bride.

the bride hen party vip pass lanyard favours

For the Bride to be we have made a very special and beautiful Bride Lanyard. In a gorgeous white and gold colour scheme, it matches perfectly with any outfit and looks simply stunning. Again with this lanyard we have foil printed the gold to give it that glimmer and shine which makes it look even more fabulous in real life, but these photos show it off in all its beauty.

the bride to be hen party favours

The Bride Lanyard matches perfectly with all of our other lanyards above and of course our Bride Tribe Lanyard Collection as well as our full range of hen party lanyards which you can see by clicking here

bride to be hen party favours accessories ideas

For the ultimate bridal set check out our Hen Party Bride Bundle which includes a Bride wristband, an enamel 'The Bride' pin and this fabulous The Bride lanyard. You can check that out by clicking here and see the full set in the photos below...

the bride to be hen party gift accessories favours bundle

bride to be hen party gift set

Team Braut JGA Lanyards

Not forgetting our German hen's we also have extended the collection to include these awesome 'Team Braut' lanyards. 

team braut JGA hen party lanyard accessories favours

These also match perfectly with our Team Braut black and gold JGA wristbands.

Team Braut Hen Party Favours Junggesellinnenabschied Armbänder

So there you have it, if you are planning a team bride themed hen party and need some awesome hen party accessories we have got you covered. To see our full collection of Team Bride Hen Party Accessories please click here...

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