Custom Pride Event Wristbands for BPerfect Cosmetics

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Custom wristbands for BPerfect Cosmetics Belfast Pride Event

Pride celebrations are getting bigger and bigger every year and Belfast Pride is no exception. This year for Belfast Pride we provided Cosmetics Giant BPerfect Cosmetics with custom made festival style wristbands for their pride parade float.

Belfast Pride 2019

This year Belfast Pride ran from Friday 26th July - Sunday 4th August, ten days of jam packed events across the city and was the biggest pride celebration to take place in N.Ireland to date.

bperfect cosmetics belfast pride wristbands

Like many of the Pride events around the world the day usually kicks off with a huge Pride Parade made up of floats, people walking, dancing, live music, celebrating and all sorts of colourful fun, and of course being Proud!

BPerfect Cosmetics Pride Float

Probably the most talked about float in this years Belfast Pride Parade was the BPerfect Cosmetics Pride Float which went all out with a Carnival theme. Not only did the carnival theme perfectly fit the pride parade, but it also was tying in with the launch of their new awesome new BPerfect Carnival Make up Pallet which launched over the summer.

bperfect belfast pride tshirt wristbands

BPerfect Cosmetics (for those of you who live on the moon) is a Belfast based Makeup and Cosmetics company which are swiftly becoming one of the biggest make up brands in the world, but you probably already know that!

bperfect cosmetics custom made pride wristbands

When we heard BPerfect were putting a float into Belfast Pride we knew that any carnival or festival theme would not be complete without some gorgeous festival style wristbands :-)

custom made bperfect cosmetics belfast pride wristbands

The BPerfect cosmetics float looked totally amazing. It was styled to perfection by Belfast based Wedding Planner and Event Stylist Ciara Scullion @ciara_scullion_the_planner and the atmosphere looked absolutely electric on the day.

bperfect belfast pride float

They had a full on Brazilian Carnival Samba style vibe going on. They had a live DJ playing loads of great music, samba style dancers in full carnival outfits, some of the crew were covered in amazing body paint by their fabulous team of make up artists and of course there was a bar just to keep things ticking along nicely :-)  

bperfect cosmetics pride event

bperfect belfast pride 2019

BPerfect Cosmetics Custom Made Pride Wristbands

So for the BPerfect Pride celebrations we made them these gorgeous custom made pride wristbands branded with their BPerfect logo and ‘Belfast Pride 2019’ on the tails of the wristbands.

belfast pride wristbands bperfect cosmetics

pride event wristbands

bperfect cosmetics belfast custom pride wristbands

The main part of the wristband simply read PRIDE with the BPerfect logo either side and was set against a funky design in the pride rainbow flag colours.

bperfect cosmetics custom made pride event wristbands

The whole BPerfect team and crew on the float wore the wristbands on the day, and along with their branded BPerfect Pride T-Shirts it all looked amazing against their fabulously colourful carnival themed float. If you have not seen the float in action make sure and check out their instagram or facebook videos and relive some of the fun as the atmosphere was absolutely electric on the day.

bperfect cosmetics belfast custom made pride event wristbands

Check them out at and also follow their main man Brendan for all the behind the scenes goings on at BPerfect, and just because he is an inspirational MOFO at

pride event wristband manufacturer

custom pride event wristbands manufacturer

Big thanks to all the team at BPerfect Cosmetics for rocking our custom wristbands on their Pride float and we look forward to continue watching your world domination in the make up industry.

If you are interested in some custom made wristbands for your event or company please click here to get in touch... or to see our our full Pride Range of products please click here...

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