Team Hen - Hen Party Wristband Favours

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Team Hen Wristbands

We have been designing hen party wristbands for some time now. We never stop creating new designs for our hens to enjoy. We have as you know Bride Tribe Wristbands, Team Bride Wristbands, Team Groom Wristbands etc etc….and now we have all new Team Hen Wristbands!

team hen party wristband favours

Channel Your Inner Princess on your Hen Party

We think they will fit perfectly into any Hen Party or any Hen Party theme. Talking of themes we think there is something quite 'Princess' looking about them so these would be perfect for those of you who love all things girly and all you gorgeous Bride to Be's who are really Princesses in waiting :-) If you are actually having a Princess Themed Hen Party then these favours will be a perfect little addition to your Hen Party Favour Bags. 

team hen hen party wristbands

Of course they are not just for princesses they are for all you lovely Hens, so if you just want a super cute but subtle hen party accessory then these are the wristbands for you. If you are the kind of girl that enjoys some pink and some sparkle in your life then you need these wristbands!

team hen hen party wristband party bag favours

The wristbands are a mix of white, sparkly pink and sparkly silver. They are the perfect accessory for brides who want to stay with the pink hen party theme but also add something unique to their party.

hen party wristbands 

The text ‘Team Hen’ is displayed across the main part of the wristband in sparkly pink writing with a silver shadow against a white background. On the tails of the wristbands is the text ‘VIP’ and ‘Hen Party’ with extra sparkle added for good measure.

 team hen hen party wristband accessories

The wristbands are fitted with a matching rose gold adjustable lock to fit any wrist size. We are sure your hens will love them and wear them forever!! :-)

 team hen party wristbands party bag favours

*Disclaimer - These wristbands will not turn you into an ACTUAL Princess unless you’re husband to be is Royalty but we can at least help you look the part for your Hen Night :-)

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