40FEST 40th BIrthday Party Balloons

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40FEST 40th Birthday Party Balloons - 40th Birthday Party Decorations 

If you are planning a 40th Birthday Party then you need to check out our 40FEST 40th Birthday Party Balloons.

40FEST 40th birthday balloons rose-gold

We know organising party decor can be a big task in itself but our balloons are easily assembled and double as a sign for your party venue.

40FEST hot pink 40th birthday balloons
40FEST rose gold 40th birthday party balloons


40th birthday blue balloons 40fest


The balloons can be inflated easily with no need for a helium tank and each letter is threaded through so it can hang on the wall.

40th Birthday Party Decorations

These foil balloons are 16” in height and we stock them in the colours of Pink, Blue and Rose Gold so you can match them to your party decor. 

blue-40th-birthday-balloons-decorations             40FEST-40th-birthday-rose-gold-balloons


40FEST-festival-themed-pink-balloons             40FEST-festival-themed-blue-decorations


Our balloons will suit most birthday themes but in particular, will fit a festival theme perfectly.  If your birthday boy or girl loves festivals then this is an ideal theme for 40th birthday party decorations.  

If you are going to go for the festival theme, we also recommend our 40FEST Lanyards and 40FEST wristbands for the full festival experience. 

Click here to purchase our awesome 40FEST Balloons…

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