Eras Tour Wristband - Taylor Wristband - Swifties - Swift Friendship Bracelet

eras tour friendship friendship bracelet swift swiftie taylor taylor swift

Eras Tour Wristband - Taylor Wristband - Swifties - Swift Friendship Bracelet

Here at HPW we have been Swifties since Love Story and when she held up that sign to her neighbour in the We Belong Together video. She has seen us through every Era of our life and felt all our feelings with us! 

In preparation for the upcoming Eras tour we created some Taylor Swift Eras Tour wristbands, check them out below...

taylor swift eras tour friendship bracelet wristband

On the wristbands ‘The Eras Tour’ text is displayed across the centre of the wristband against a white background with pictures of Taylor on the wristband tails.

It was indeed a Cruel Cruel Summer when we found out that we didn’t get tickets to the Eras Tour. I mean anyone that did - enjoy you guys, totally not jealous!! Sigh….anyway because Taylor is all about the fans (yes we are on a first name basis) she released the footage of her US Era’s Tour into cinemas - which came out in the UK last week. 

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Wristbands stacked on top of each other

Why not get your girls together (or if you’re me drag your boyfriend...he's a secret Swiftie don't worry!) and make a night of it with our Swiftie friendship bracelet.

two people wearing Taylor Swift Eras Tour Wristband

These Eras Tour wristbands come with a gorgeous gold bead to fix it on your wrist so you can shake it off as much as you want without actually…shaking it off!!

Eras Taylor Swift Tour Wristbands side by side

Click here to purchase the Eras Tour Wristband

Swifties Wristbands

There is also a specific Swifties wristband for those that want to celebrate Taylor Swift at any time. Or get both! 

swiftie-taylor swift wristband eras tour

‘Swifties’ is displayed across the centre of the wristband with the same pictures of Taylor Swift as the Eras Tour Wristband and complete with the same gold bead.

Close up of Swifties Taylor Swift Wristband Eras Tour

We can’t wait to hit the cinema with our awesome Taylor Swift wristband and sing our hearts out! Now to pick which Era we will we style ourselves as….I think 1989 as I did get a long bob recently….if you do buy our Taylor Swift wristbands please send us some pictures via our Instagram @henpartywristband we would love to see them :) 

Click here to purchase your Swifites Wristband...

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