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Festival Theme Bat Mitzvah Wristbands / Bar Mitzvah Wristbands

For anyone planning an upcoming Bat Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah and thinking of a Festival Themed Bat / Bar Mitzvah Party, then we have the perfect party accessories for you.

Any festival themed party needs festival wristbands for the guests if you want it to be really authentic and we have got these beautiful Bat Mitzvah Festival Party Wristbands and Bar Mitzvah Festival Party Wristbands for your festival party guests.

bat mitzvah festival party wristbands

Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs are coming of age ceremonies and are a big celebration in a Jewish family’s life. They take place shortly after a young boy’s thirteenth birthday and a young girl’s twelfth birthday and they are seen as adults under Jewish law and therefore accountable for their own actions.

A Bar / Bat Mitzvah Party usually takes place after the religious part of the day and are usually quite big affairs for the family with lots of family and friends of the child attending the party.

bar mitzvah festival party wristbands

Lately we have seen many themed Bat / Bar Mitzvah parties and of course many choose a festival theme for their party. Our parent company are always working with families creating festival themed bat / bar mitzvah invitations and party stationery. To compliment the festival theme we have also created these festival themed wristbands to give out to guests at the parties to add to the festival spirit of the day.

Festival Theme Bat Mitzvah Wristbands

For our Bat Mitzvah Wristbands we have kept the colour scheme girly but funky with ‘BAT MITZVAH’ displayed in white outlined text against geometric shapes in pink, purple teal, orange and gold colours.

bat mitzvah festival theme party wristbands

It is fitted with an adjustable sliding lock so it can be easily fitted to any wrist size and easily put on and off.

festival theme bat mitzvah party wristbands

On the tails of the wristbands one side has the text ‘VIP Guest’ and on the other tail it reads ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ These are the perfect bat mitzvah party accessory if you are planning a festival themed celebration and want it to be as authentic as possible with woven fabric festival wristbands!

festival theme bat mitzvah wristbands

Festival Theme Bar Mitzvah Wristbands

For the Bar Mitzvah wristbands we again have the geometric shapes however this time with a colour scheme of silver, blues, greens and purple which is more suited to the boys.

festival theme bar mitzvah party wristbands

The main text of the wristband reads 'BAR MITZVAH' in glittery silver to give it some extra festival magic. On the tails of the wristbands one side has the text ‘VIP Guest’ and on the other tail it reads ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ 

bar mitzvah festival theme party wristbands

If you like the look of these festival wristbands and think they are a must have for your celebration then please click here for the Bar Mitzvah Wristbands and click here for the Bat Mitzvah wristbands.

We hope you enjoy your celebrations!!

Mazel Tov!!

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