Personalised Festival Wedding Wristbands

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Customised Festival Wedding Wristbands Favours

Festival weddings as we are sure you know have been hugely popular over the past few years. Our parent company has been a trailblazer in all things festival wedding with their awesome range of festival themed wedding invites and festival themed wedding stationery, and of course the festival wedding wristbands
festival wedding fabric wristbands

Customised Festival Wristbands

Festival themed celebration’s aren’t just for weddings though….we have worked on a number of festival themed parties over the years from Birthdays, to religious celebrations to corporate events. Whatever the occasion, we can put an awesome festival twist on it with our authentic festival wristbands and festival lanyards.
festival wedding woven fabric wristbands
We often associate a lot of great memories with festivals and gigs and there is something magical about creating your very own festival. Whilst we have an awesome range of generic wristbands and lanyards on our website for hen parties, stag parties and birthday parties, we also make customised festival wristbands and lanyards. 
customised festival wedding fabric wristbands

Festival Wedding Favours

Festival themed weddings are super popular and getting easier and easier to organise. You can hire everything you need to create your own festival themed wedding from caterers to tipi tents and festival flag companies and everything in between. Or of course hire someone to do it all for you!

personalised festival wedding wristbands

Wedfest can create couples the most awesome and fun wedding stationery from invites to table plans and of course a festival wedding wouldn’t be complete without festival wedding wristbands and festival wedding lanyards, and we are delighted to facilitate this for the special couple.
personalised festival wedding wristbands manufacturer

Woven Fabric Wristbands

Our festival woven fabric wristbands are the real deal just like you would get at any major music festival. They can be given to your guests upon arrival similar to a real festival or posted to them in advance as part of your invitation.
custom festival wedding wristbands
Whichever point you hand them over, your guests are sure to love your festival wedding wristbands as a unique wedding favour.
personalised event wristbands
We can use one of our existing designs to create your customised festival wedding wristbands or you can tell us what you want and we can design it to suit. Some couples come to us with an exact vision in mind and others aren’t totally sure. We are happy to throw out some ideas and work together until you are happy with the result. You can see many examples on this post to spark some festival themed inspiration.
woven fabric festival wristbands

Wedding Favour Keepsakes

Our customised wedding wristbands make for beautiful keepsakes of your wedding day for you and your guests. Our metal sliding locks are adjustable so you can easily take them on and off without cutting them off and destroying them or compromising their awesome design. 
wedding festival wristband supplier

Generic pre-made festival wedding wristbands

For custom made wristbands it is useful to note at this point that our personalised wristbands start at an order quantity of 50. For those of you who do not need that many and are maybe having a smaller wedding, or just do not want to spend the extra on getting customised wristbands made we have three styles ready-made festival wedding wristbands...
These look super awesome and are perfect for those who have a smaller amount of guests and are cheaper than the custom made wristbands.  
custom made wristbands

Heavy Metal Rocker’s Wedding Wristbands

Of course Festival fans are not all the same and we realise that there are many genres of music and with that many variations of festivals and festival fans. We can create festival wristbands for all styles of weddings and musical inspirations.
rock n roll wedding wristbands
For example we have many couples who are heavy metal fan’s and hard rock fans so for them we can create rock n roll themed festival wedding wristbands. See some examples below...
rock n roll wedding stationery wristbands
rockers wedding stationery wristbands
wedstock customised wedding wristbands
No matter what you taste, style or theme we can customise your wedding wristbands specifically to your needs.

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