Gay Pride Wristbands - The Perfect Pride Accessory

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Gay Pride - Celebrate with our awesome new wristbands

As Gay Pride becomes bigger and bigger each year and more and more cities are hosting Pride Parades all over the UK and Ireland, we decided to launch our very own range of Gay Pride wristbands

gay pride parade wristbands accessories

These Pride wristbands feature a funky criss-crossed design in the Pride Flag colours and with the word PRIDE in bold white writing. They are fitted with a silver lock which can be easily adjusted to fit any size of wrist.

These pride wristbands are perfect for people who want to show their pride colours and wear a pride accessory without having to be way over the top, although they do work brilliantly with Technicolor dream-coats and rainbow bikini's also :-)

Gay Pride Rainbow wristbands

They are the perfect accessory for wearing to a Pride Parade or just wear them all the time to celebrate Pride all year round, because why not?

Pride Wristband

This is the first year we have designed wristbands for Pride which have followed on from our successful LESBIHEN Collection, and we are excited to expand our selection in the coming months. Stay tuned for more wristbands in our LBGT range…..(spoiler alert...snap up our brand new Bear Pride Wristbands by clicking here...)

Gay Pride

These Gay Pride Wristbands are sure to dazzle the crowd and start your pride celebrations in style! The wristbands are available to buy in our shop right now by clicking here...

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