Same-sex marriage now legal in Northern Ireland

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Same-sex marriage now legal in Northern Ireland

This month January 2020, same-sex marriage was legally recognised in Northern Ireland. Couples have 28 days to submit their intention to marry so the first same-sex marriages will take place in early February. 

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What's the difference between Civil Partnership and Marriage?

Civil Partnerships have been available to same sex couples since the UK Government introduced them back in 2005. However, in the eyes of the law, same-sex couples could not be recognised as being ‘married’. Same-sex marriage was legalised in England and Wales back in 2014 but as marriage was a devolved matter, it was up to Stormont to sort it out for Northern Ireland. This meant if a  same-sex couple who in England were recognised as ‘married’, moved to Northern Ireland their legal status changed to ‘civil partners’ as our law didn’t recognise same sex marriage. Whilst the legal rights between civil partnerships and marriage are similar in terms of tax, inheritance, pension and adoption rules, there are crucial differences. 

  • For example, whilst a pension can pass to a surviving partner, the amount differs depending on whether you are married or civil partners. 
  • If you were in a civil partnership and moved abroad you wouldn’t enjoy the same rights in countries where same-sex marriage was legal.
  • A civil partnership does not require the couple to take any vows and is legalised by a civil partnership document.  They could not marry in a church or have a traditional wedding.
  • Culturally, to be married adds social weight and recognises that the love between the same-sex couple is as important as love in mixed-sex marriages. For the law to recognise this encourages social acceptance and extends their rights and place in society.

The above is by no means a full analysis of the debate but it’s just a few points to highlight just how important this new legislation is. 

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Same-sex Marriage Wedding Invitations and Stationery

We at Hen Party Wristbands and our parent company have been catering for same-sex marriages for years now with wedding invitations, wedding stationery, goods for same-sex hen parties and stag parties plus all our Pride wristbands, lanyards etc. 

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Same-Sex Wedding Cards

Our Pride collection is continuously expanding and just recently we have released these super cool same-sex wedding day cards - 'Big Gay Wedding Day Cards' which will be perfect for all these upcoming same sex weddings.

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Plus we have also added some more Pride Wristband options to our collection with our new Transgender Pride wristbands, Bisexual Pride wristbands and Lesbian Pride Wristbands. Check them out here:

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For last years Belfast Pride Parade we designed custom pride wristbands for BPerfect Cosmetics awesome pride parade float. 

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You also may have seen these two ladies picture a lot this month...Derry girls, Danielle & Emma sported our Lesbihen Hen Party Accessories which included our Lanyards, wristbands and badges on their hen party. Also below an photo from their wedding day by fabulous Holly & Lime Photography.

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In terms of same sex wedding invites and wedding stationery, Wedfest has designed so many awesome invites for same-sex couples over the years, here are just a few of our favourites...

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For more information on the wedding stationery please visit

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